Our Legal Services

Debt Collection Service

With our global network we do not only follow up debt collections in Turkey. Our law office cooperates with its dedicated colleagues all around the world and particulary in Europe.

Due Dilligence

Our law office provides also Due dilligence service with its attorneys and also financial experts.

Energy Law and Investment

One of the main service that we provide in Turkey as a Law Firm is Energy law and related investment legal matters. Additionally, we follow the last developments in the renewable energy sector which is essential for the world future and its resources.

We assist companies related to energy sector in order to establish their business and to facilate their investment to the country.

Corporate & Commercial

We offers a wide range of corporate and commercial law services with banking and finance, company incorporation, privatization, accounting, joint ventures, insurance, investment and real estate.

We can assist companies to establish operations in Turkey in association with local partners.
The scope of work also extends to:-

  • Incorporation
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Purchase of shares
  • Company liquidation
  • Winding Up proceedings
  • Shareholders dispute & Minority oppression
  • Injunction restraining the Company or Directors
  • Registration of off shore company
  • Partnership deeds and litigation
  • Sale of Goods
  • Contract for Medical services , equipment & facilities

Escrow Agency / Escrow Agreement

The amounts in escrow are paid into separate escrow accounts especially opened for the transaction.In agreement with the parties and depending on term of the escrow agreement the amounts are deposited as daily callmoney or fixed term deposit.

We provide our clients with individual escrow agreements especially adapted to the transaction in question. Only individual escrow agreements are able to properly provide for your needs.

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Apart form the standard conveyance and application for loans for housing and development projects, our scope of work also extends to:-

  • Conversion, amalgmation, subdivision, partition land
  • Forfeiture of land by virtue of breach of condition of title
  • Joint venture & Development agreements
  • Foreclosure proceedings
  • Surrender and exchange of land with the State Government
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Eviction & Distress (recovery of rental) proceedings

European Law & Rights Concerning Ankara Agreement

In the light of new decisions based on Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens acquired privillages in the field of freedom of establishment and providing services in EU countries. Visa requirements and requirements for capital investment are essential obstacle for Turkish citizens. Accordingly, the firm assists its clients aiming to establish business or provide services in EU countries via coordination with law firms in EU countries.

Litigation & ADR

The firm strongly believes in the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution namely Arbitration and Mediation as an alternative to litigation. However should our clients request that the matter be placed before the court, then our lawyers having vast experience in general litigation matters as well as in specific areas such as banking, corporate, insolvency securities , employment, construction, insurance and arbitration.

This also extends to:

  • securities
  • land disputes
  • sale of goods
  • motor vehicle accidents claims
  • employment
  • winding up and breach of duty by directors
  • construction & building contracts
  • medical negligence

Administrative Law

The firm has always been at the forefront of issues which are of public concern to the community. The act, omission & neglect by any Public Authority is analyzed against the prejudice and detriment to the community. The firm objective is to engage public authority into a discussion and to make decisions which will serve to benefit the community

Banking & Finance

We act for all the domestic financial institutions. Our job scope includes drafting and advising financial institutions in relation to loan structures and security, enforcement of security documentation which include foreclosure proceedings and loan recovery.

The scope of work also extends to:

  • Hire purchase and recovery
  • Security / collateral documentation
  • Legal charges and related documents
  • Loan Agreement cum Assignment and related documents
  • Master indemnity agreements
  • Bridging loan agreements